Twitter Social media advertising expert needed

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Twitter Social media advertising expert needed

Twitter and social media advertising expert needed to do this challenge jobs. Tasks or jobs assigned to freelancers or expert with the ability and high specification, which is able to master of programming language and also have the ability and adequate marketing instincts. Social media advertising is meant is a combination of marketing between Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as well.

Job descriptions offered to freelancers should be qualified as follows, every website should have a social media account (Facebook. Twitter and YouTube). Every social media accounts that have been mentioned at least 10K of real followers for Twitter, Facebook fans and 10K real facebook account has a provision for 1K - 2K likes, 50K views and equipped with quality comments that reaches 200-400 comment.

Technical jobs on offer include a support suggestions or ideas to make the application easier to use and better. Other technical jobs and a lot of technical skills related with as application programmers to produce a good and easy to implement with little supervision or no supervision.
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